Global Reach, Local Touch: Anwälte in Florida und Köln

The German American Real Estate and Immigration Law Center is a law firm dedicated to simplifying international legal matters. We offer quick and efficient legal services for immigration, probate, business formation, real estate, tax and other cross border matters. Our multilingual team is equipped to handle everything from routine visa applications to complex international litigation. We work closely with our clients and are responsive to your needs, whether you are in Germany or the U.S.

Our team

Meet the people who get the job done

Alexander thorlton, esq.

Founding Attorney

Alexander is a dual citizen, completed his juris doctor cum laude at Florida International University and is licensed to practice in Florida and D.C.

He has extensive international experience working in construction litgation and the automotive industry in Germany, U.K. and the U.S.

As a real estate investor himself, Alexander advises foreign nationals primarily in Real Estate, Immigration and Probate matters.

Natascha Genc

Founding Paralegal

Natascha has over 30 years of experience as a paralegal in Germany and the U.S. She is a licensed Realtor in South Carolina, has practical experience with Florida Real Estate, Immigration and Property Management.

She is bilingual and understands both German and American culture. She grew up in the U.S. and Germany.

Rechtsanwalt Patrick Baumfalk

Of Counsel

Rechtsanwalt Patrick Baumfalk is our Of Counsel based in Cologne and Dortmund, Germany. He focuses on a broad range of legal issues related to immigration law, employment law, criminal law, and IT- as well as data protection law.

His international experience and the international scope of his law firm makes him a reliable partner for solving transatlantic legal challenges.

David Thorlton

Senior Advisor

David has over 35 years of experience advising European Corporations establish presence in the U.S. He has advised and consulted with the European Banking industry and Technology corporations.

Claudia Sanchez

Director of Operations USA

Claudia has 14 years of experience working in the public sector. She has worked for federal and state governments in the US and has also worked for the United Nations. She obtained her Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University. She has lived in Japan, Switzerland, France, Peru, Mexico and Kenya. Her international exposure allows her to understand the complexities of legal matters in various jurisdictions. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Stephano Salani

Of Counsel

Stephano is an internationally trained lawyer with over 7 years experience as a licensed U.S. attorney and registered U.S. patent agent. He is licensed to practice in Florida and Washington DC, and is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

Stephano provides advice on matters pertaining to international dispute resolution, intellectual property, licensing, international trade, and technology.

Linda Guntenhöner

Kanzlei Manager

Linda speaks fluent German and English. She is our point of contact in Germany to accomodate your time zone. She is responsible for all administrative tasks, scheduling and client intake.

Practice Areas


Assisting with all types of immigration matters. Green cards, EB-5 (millionaires) investor visas, E-2 Investor visas, family sponsors, employee transfer visas, dual citizenship and more.

Cross border litigation

Resolving disputes with international components, discovery issues abroad, enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards through domestication.

Wills, Inheritance and Trusts

Drafting wills, creating trusts, asset protection and estate planning services with an international component.

Real estate & taxes

Assisting foreign developers, buyers, sellers and investors of U.S. real estate.


Opening a subsidiary in the U.S or Germany, contracts, taxation, employment, IP protection and more.

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German Immigration Lawyer

Deutschsprachiger Anwalt in Florida –

Alexander Thorlton

Attorney-at-law Alexander Thorlton

Dual citizenship for Germans, US E2 visa, international inheritance,  cross border disputes.

Rechtsanwalt Patrick Baumfalk Anwalt in Deutschland

Judgment Enforcement in Germany und Cross border litigation.